I have a super active, rambunctious three year old boy and we

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It is technology and it comes with all the same pitfalls of technology. Examples: your computer needs to be on it’s best behavior, your internet connection needs to be sharp, you need a web cam and microphone that are conducive to proper practice. Vision can occasionally be limited.

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In theory, having a Score and Peanut type jungler rotate and change the style of the team depending on who is playing is a great idea (kind of like a far superior version of Ambition/Haru). However, they both been in contention for the best jungler in the world at times during this year so I doubt someone of Peanuts Caliber would want to join KT unless Score leave. We seen with Bwipo and Soaz how much it sucks to be a top player in your position and not getting playing time, I just dont see either of these junglers agreeing to this.

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